Our jewelry is crafted and designed by award-winning artist Ileana Rojas-Bennett, whose inspiration comes from the vast kaleidoscope of colors and textures found in the rain forests of Costa Rica. As a Costa Rican native, Ileana hopes her designs will enchant you just as the country’s paradise of colors has enchanted her family and ancestors for centuries. A distinguished jewelry designer since 2006, Ileana has won many prestigious awards, including the “Beyond the Runway” award at New York Fashion Week with Nolcha in 2010. A jewelry designer has not been the recipient of this highly coveted award in 24 years. It marks Maleku Jewelry as exceptionally and uniquely beautiful.

Maleku Jewelry is carefully crafted using 22k gold, sterling silver, fine silver, copper, first quality precious stones, and gem stones. Her finished work can be found in store or on Etsy, but she specializes in much more. Ileana fashions commissioned work for her many customers and is one of the few artisans in eastern North Carolina capable of laser repairs. More than this, Ileana is passionate about teaching others how to make beautiful designs themselves, and she is eager to conduct workshops and classes in her Greenville studio.

Come to Maleku Jewelry and enchant yourselves with the beauty of the rain forest!




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