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Girls Summer Jewelry Camp

Girls Summer Camp at Malkeu Jewelry     Jewelry made at a Maleku Jewelry summer camp

Once a year, we hold a one of a kind summer camp for girls. Let your child escape the summer
heat in our jewelry studio, where they will receive one-on-one training by a world renowned
designer. This camp will allow your child to achieve ultimate creativity, where they will mold
their imagination into a piece of art they can enjoyfor years to come. In addition, they will learn
the artistry behind their jewelry and how to make their own in the future.


Ladies Night Out

     Jewelry Workshop at Maleku Jewelry      Making Jewelry at Maleku Jewelry

Girls just want to have fun, and our Ladies Night Out events are the perfect way to have fun!
Get the girls together, and meet a few new faces while you indulge in handmade, personalized
jewelry. Bring snacks and refreshments to enjoy as you watch each girl’s idea of art
is completely different. What more could a girl want?


Saturday Workshop

 Bracelets made at a Maleku Jewelry workshop     Bracelets made at a Maleku Jewelry workshop

Saturday is a day for fun, and what could be more fun than learning how to make
a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art you can wear for years to come! Gather
with your friends, and maybe meet some new faces, at one of our Saturday Workshops
where we will string pearls, bend wires, hand-pick gems, and lavish in each
other’s designs. Saturdays will never be the same!


Group Parties

Jewelry making at Maleku Jewelry      Making rings at Maleku Jewelry

Looking for something fun to do with your pals or organization? Think about gathering around a
table – perhaps with a glass of wine or two – and creatingjewelry from start to finish. Reconnect
with those you love most by learning howto make artful jewelry under the instruction of our lovely
designer. This get together will truly be unforgettable. The studio is fully equipped and prepared for
booking parties anytime – based on availability of course.