Maleku Jewelry artist stand out in celebration of the Oscars

joyas de artista
Ileana Rojas-Bennett appears here with the actress Tia Carrera, who has participated in films like Lilo & Stitch.

Joyas de artista tica destacan en fiesta de los premios Oscar, ’14

Kathy Duliakas’ 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party

This highly anticipated invitation-only event, produced by Kathy Duliakas, co-hosted by Maleku Jewelry® and presented by ZENSATION® offered an incredible array of stunning jewelry, fashion, handbags, rejuvenation technology, the finest in skin, body & hair care, LED lit eyewear, delectable sweets, exotic cocktails and more!

When Maleku Jewelry® received the prestigious 2010 “Beyond The Runway” award, Ileana Rojas–Bennett broke a 24-year-old record that the Fashion Industry had not recognized a jewelry designer during New York Fashion Week. Rojas-Bennett draws inspiration from her native country of Costa Rica as well as from the magnificent colors of the rain-forest which can be found in each of her pieces. Handmade with the highest quality metals: fine silver, sterling silver, gold and copper along with lavish gemstones settings, including precious pearls and exceptional and rare semiprecious stones, Maleku Jewelry® is named after the indigenous tribe of the northern part of region. Passionate about giving back to her native land, Rojas-Bennett was recently able to provide running water in one village with proceeds from her line.

Kathy Duliakas’ 6th Annual Oscar Suite Review, ’14

Danilo Gabrielli and Maleku Jewelry:

From New York Fashion Week Runway to Pop Up Showroom: New York

Perfectly accenting the collection were jewelry pieces by Maleku Jewelry, a collection gaining international acclaim.  Designer Ileana Rojas-Bennett collaborated with Danilo to create special pieces for this collection.  The rich jewelry complemented each piece with carefully selected color and style.   The jewelry pieces ranged from chunky strands
of beads and semi-precious stones, to draped chains, and unique pendants with cultural references.

Ileana, a descendant of the Maleku tribe in Costa Rica, works with sterling and fine silver, 14, 22, and 24 K gold and semi precious stones such as blue Persian turquoise, black onyx, smoky quartz, jasper, astrophyllite, eudialyte and labradorite among others. She also uses freshwater pearls, corals, abalone, mother-of-pearl and other beauty from the depths of the sea, and incorporates seed beads, handmade glass beads, and other trade beads from the generations of many cultures.

Showroom International: Danilo Gabrielli and Maleku Jewelry: From New York Fashion Week Runway to Pop Up Showroom: New York

Costa Rican jewelry Ileana Rojas-Bennett conquer the Hollywood market

The creations of the Ileana Rojas-Bennett designed conquer the great catwalks and Hollywood. The latest news is that American actress Carolyn Hennesy asked the Costa Rican catalog to choose what she will show in her next film. Costa Rican talent is seen on the biggest fashion shows and also on the big screen in Hollywood, thanks to the designs Originals of the designer of jewels Ileana Rojas-Bennett.

The last recognition that has received Rojas is the future inclusion of its creations in a new Hollywood production. American actress Carolyn Hennesy asked for her latest jewelry catalog to choose what she will wear to the recording of her next movie.

Among other personalities, actors Angelica Vale, Angelica Maria, Eugenio Derbez and singer Christina Aguilera have taken their designs.

For more than 20 years, this josefina is dedicated to making creations worthy of great artists and personalities. So much is the acceptance of his designs that Rojas’s jewels have been part of the catwalk of New York Fashion Week since 2009 and were also part of the gift bags that are given at the Oscars 2013 Awards.

Recognition. In 2010, the work of tica received a great recognition by the organization of New York Fashion Week. At that time, the designer was awarded the Beyond the Runway award.

Joyas de la costarricense Ileana Rojas-Bennett conquistan el mercado de Hollywood


Turquoise is an opaque bluish-green gem that is highly valued and like all other gemstones, it possesses spiritual and healing powers. Metaphysically, it aids in curing diseases, stress, and depression. Kings and queens of ancient Egypt wore this fascinating piece of rock for medicinal and fashionable reasons.  This gem helps in balancing the 5th chakra which is located in the throat. It can assist in building confidence in self and public speaking. Someone wearing this stone can possess clarity, creativity, positivity, clear intuition and happiness.  Physical Healing This gemstone is a great healing source. It heals the ailments of the skeletal system, waste, respiratory and immune system. It’s known to be a great detoxifier; it draws out poisons, pollution and radiation.   Ileana of Maleku Jewelry educated me on the different gemstones and their powers.

Ileana Rojas-Bennett and her Greenville, NC based Maleku Jewelry Designs wins big during New York Fashion Week

September 16, 2010 -At the conclusion of New York Fashion Week, Ileana Rojas-Bennett and her Greenville, NC based Maleku Jewelry Designs was awarded the 2010 Beyond the Runway Award. A panel of four esteemed industry professionals previewed, critiqued, and selected one brand from either the runway, the accessory exhibition or the Ethical Fashion Preview to receive an entrepreneurship accelerator package worth over $50,000 to strengthen their company beyond the runway show through high quality resources and services.

The judging was based on craftsmanship, styling, the use of different types of media and materials, and also education and training. Maleku Jewelry, which collaborated with Kibukiu Gowns of Australia for the runway presentation, was chosen from over three dozen exciting new fashion designers.

Moda Manhattan, Accessories/TheShow and FAME New York – Javits Center January 9-11, 2011

 Wearing eco-conscious clothing for Earth Month

The concept of Maleku Jewellery, winner of the Beyond The Runway Award for Nolcha Fashion Week 2010, is inspired by the highly artistic Maleku Indians of the Northern Costa Rica rain forests. Its designer, Ileana Rojas-Bennett, takes pride in “bestowing part proceeds of sales to my beloved Maleku villages throughout northern Costa Rica.” This indigenous tribe is widely known for their fantastic wall paintings, as well as highly decorative gourds, masks, bowls, and other pieces. Unfortunately, the ethnic group is shrinking in size, but the remaining Maleku in Costa Rica, about 500 people, have miraculously managed to preserve their treasured art, time-honoured crafts, and cherished language. “Preserving Maleku’s beautiful but disappearing art, and supporting these artists in their ongoing quest to create art is crucial,” said Rojas-Bennett.

The Epoch Times: Wearing Eco-Conscious Clothing

What Every Woman Wants to Wear, Maleku Jewelry

In this gloomy weather, Everything She Wants could use a pick-me-up. And Maleku, a vibrant line of handcrafted jewelry inspired by the colors of the Costa Rican Rain Forest, will do the trick.  Designed by Costa Rica native Ileana Maria Rojas-Bennett, Maleku was named after a tribe in the northern part of Costa Rica and means “Indian in love.”
A relative newcomer to jewelry design, Rojas-Bennett won the “Beyond the Runway” prize at Nolcha Fashion Week in 2010 for her fine designs, which are fashioned from 14, 22 and 24-karat gold, sterling and fine silver, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones such as blue Persian turquoise, black onyx and smoky quartz.  Maleku retails from $50 – $1500 and a percentage of all sales will be donated to help preserve the endangered Maleku tribes., 2011/08

Malekus ancestors inspired Tica to help

Building a school for the maleku people is one of Rojas-Bennett’s projects. ArchiEscuela maleku.

Realizing that her family’s family tree runs maleku, she made Ileana Rojas-Bennett turn her gaze to the life of the inhabitants of this indigenous community in Costa Rica.  For three years, the jewelry designer contributes, by different means, to improve the living conditions of this population group.  “I started the jewelry project with the intention of helping the maleku tribe, because it turns out that there are generations on the side of my father in which there are ancestors belonging to the tribe,” Rojas explained.

“I came to the United States 19 years ago as a teacher. But it still does not give you the money to help. With that intention I started the line of jewelry and I named it Maleku, “adds the ethic, who says that part of what he earns by selling the jewels saves him to help the Indians.  According to the jewelry, every year she comes to Costa Rica, to visit the maleku community.  Ileana Rojas-Bennett is now occupied with the idea of ​​helping this population to raise funds to finish building the pipe in two of their villas.

The Costa Rican said that the Indians are also interested in buying a plot of land to build a school. This lot has a cost of $ 50,000.  “I know that I will achieve the goal of buying the land, as well as helping them with the construction of the school. But for that we need people who collaborate, “said the artist.

Ancestros malekus inspiraron a tica a ayudar